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I’m a backend developer at jsDelivr CDN and currently a CS undergrad at National Taiwan Normal University. I’ve started learning computers since I was relatively young - around the age of ten. I started with PHP, worked with some relational databases and design patterns. Years later I’ve moved on to Node.js for more robust backend development, which has enabled me to learn about Linux, networking and most importantly container concepts. Over time I was able to contribute to open source projects on GitHub. Lately I’ve been learning Kubernetes and Terraform for Infrastructure-as-Code.

Birkhoff Lee

I love Pop & Eletronic music. When I’m not learning about computers, I play drums. I’ve found it unexpectedly relaxing & interesting. I’m also learning hip-hop dance recently. Interestingly, for the last few years, I had been living in Shanghai, China, and it was very invaluable experience given the special Internet culture there. I’ve moved back to Taipei, Taiwan ever since.