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Wake on LAN on Windows 10 and Intel NIC

I was using a Killer NIC until I noticed that its driver has been crashing, then switched to the Intel NIC (both are onboard), but there were some issues.

There are several steps I tried to solve the problem whilst enabling WOL and I thought I’d share it to you.

  • Install Intel® Network Adapter Driver for Windows® 10:
  • In Device Manager find your NIC, open Properties.
    • Go to Advanced.
      • Enable PME: Enabled
      • Energy Efficient Ethernet: Off
      • Ultra Low Power Mode: Disabled
      • Wake on Magic Packet: Enabled
    • Go to Power Management.
      • Enable these three settings:
        • Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
        • Allow this device to wake the computer
          • Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer
  • Go to your BIOS settings and enable all WOL related settings.
  • Go to Power Options, click on Choose what the power buttons do. (Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings)
    • Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable
      • Uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended). (this was the culprit to my issue)

Troubleshooting steps:

  • First try WOL on the local network, after that succeeds try from Internet. If the latter fails, the issue is most likely your router settings.
  • Hard shutdown your PC (press on the physical power button). Then try to do WOL.
  • Check ARP setttings on your router.
  • Set up static IP address on the PC.

Good luck dealing with Windows!