HyperX Cloud Flight S: it was good enough, but even better now

I've been using HyperX Cloud Flight to gaming for two years. Recently I found out HyperX released an upgraded version of it: HyperX Cloud Flight S and I was thinking if I should get it. Turned out it was absolutely worth it.

Hyper Cloud Flight and HyperX Cloud Flight S with Chargeplay Base

It has a much better earpad you can see in the picture. And it actually is – it was good enough, now it's even better. It's the most comfortable headphone I've ever had, frankly. I can assure you that one can wear it for days without being uncomfortable at all, before you fall asleep, of course.

In terms of sound, it has quite the same quality as the 2018 model. It has additional 7.1 virtual surround sound which I only find useful in watching for example, Netflix or any movies, and it's quite good! I feel so much more immersive now when watching House of Cards.. just like I'm at the White House?

The headphone is supposed to be used with HyperX NGenuity Software, and I found it an absolute nightmare to use. It's a Windows Store software that on my PC, it works only once out of 20 tries. There's "auto-optimize" feature in there which fine tunes how it sounds in a couple of titles, which I found useless, frankly. There's slight difference of how it sounded like in Rainbow Six or Counter-Strike.

HyperX NGenuity

You can also customize headphone buttons in there. The buttons are pretty useful, unlike the 2018 model you can only mute the microphone, you can play/pause music, adjust game-chat volume balance, mute mic, et cetera.

It has a significantly better microphone according to my friends, but it's still not good. It's a wireless headphone, anyways. It's not that bad, but can be better. There's a feature called Sidetone which playback any voice from the microphone without any latency, not sure why it would be useful.

The wireless charge was the thing that attracts me the most before I got it, and it didn't fail me. Back in the days when I was using Cloud Flight, I always forget to plug the power source in and there's no power in the next day. It is just as convenient as you could ever imagine. The charge pad didn't come for free, unfortunately. It cost me 1,990 NTD (59.99 USD). It's a bit pricy but ok. There's dual charge and a nice design.

HyperX Chargeplay Base, $59.99 on Amazon

In conclusion, it's overall an extraordinary gaming headphone for competitive gaming, and at a totally reasonable price. I'd personally recommend it, if you are like me play games a lot you should definitely try! By the way, HyperX didn't send me either the headphone or the charger, nor did they give me any money.