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Improve your CLI experience

I recently saw this awesome blog post and I’m desperate to share it to you :)

This blog post mainly introduces:

  • bat: cat super-powered. Built-in syntax highlighting & scrolling.
  • prettyping: Beautified ping. You can also alias this to the default ping.
$ curl -O && chmod +x prettyping && sudo mv prettyping /usr/local/bin

  • fzf: A fuzzy search against the terminal history, with a fully interactive preview of the possible matches.
  • htop: top improved
  • diff-so-fancy: diff enhanced
  • fd: modern replacement for find
  • ncdu: DaisyDisk alternative in CLI. Calculates disk usage, interactively.
  • tldr: Throw away man pages! tldr is the new hype.
  • ack / ag: I don’t personally use it, but I’m looking forward to using it in the future.
  • jq: JSON parser in the CLI